Our Story

Born in 2008, we mainly target medium-large companies in the Italian and international markets, who are looking to the future and want to innovate with a reliable partner who has already made its own digital revolution.


We support customers who want to innovate, transform and manage their own business processes while maintaining control and ensuring maximum security.


We continue to innovate and reinvent new IT services, to support companies in overcoming their challenges, and provide complete and strategically scalable automation solutions.

We automate processes in-depthly with Robotic Process Automation, we develop predictive management projects by defining advanced monitoring systems with Predictive Early Warnings, and we exploit the potential of A.I. to improve work experiences and simplify and automate tasks with Continuous Machine Learning.


We believe in integrity, trust, and passion, which leads to continuous learning and quality technological innovation — first testing it ourselves, then making it available to our customers.


Thanks to our innovation process and internal capabilities, we carry out technological research projects by developing products that we first test on ourselves and then release on the market.

The innovation process is a cycle with 3 main components

Tech Scouting

We identify and anticipate future trends and scenarios;

Tech Adoption

We test new designed technologies;

Design Offering

We transform the new skills into offers

Our Competence

Our ability to innovate and experiment is supported by our skills and certifications across various IT areas. This knowledge allows us to identify and anticipate possible future trends and make our entire know-how available to our customers.