Secure Journey

Blueit Shield proposes the “Secure Journey”, a path to put companies safely and to the smallest risk of cyber attacks. Our experts support the customer in the analysis and applying the appropriate measures in all the fundamental domains of assessment of risks and compliance and then realizes the system of detection and response that will allow the monitoring and proactive management of any threats,

BlueiT Secure ourney

SOC Services

Proactive monitoring and protection services for the detection and treatment of potential and real Cybersecurity incidents, through the integration of precursor and indicator signals, with knowledge of critical issues and IT and OT elements.

Security Operation Center

Security Operation Center able to monitor, manage and correlate in real time the events generated by the customers’ infrastructure with the use of a SIEM system equipped with an Artificial Intelligence component.

The security team, specialized in the management of attacks and IT threats, manages the initial stages of triage and classification and supports the customer in the operations of reacting, blocking or mitigating threats.

VA/PT Services

Advanced vulnerability research services present within networks, systems, and applications (OSSTMM and OWASP methodologies), integrated with the formulation of remediation plans (assignment and follow-up of remediation).
The management of the Remediation Plan is based on the criticality of Hosts on which an IP Risk Value and a Vulnerability Score are calculated.
Intrusion testing services for the evaluation of adopted countermeasures.

Cyber Intelligence

Alerting and early monitoring services based on the collection and analysis of information pulled from different sources, both on the surface web and deep web.

Cyber Monitoring, Cognitive Advisoring, Incident Alerting & Response

Blueit has created a SOC with the most modern technologies available today, including cognitive ones to accelerate Detection and Response processes
Our services are available for the IT world and “factory” OT systems.

Managed Security Services

Proactive prevention services, tools, technologies, and skills to continuously protect information by reducing cyber attack risks.

VA Remediation, IP Risk Management

Management of remediation plans with assignment and follow-up of remediation, through integrated workflows.
Mapping and management of host’s critical issues with calculation of indicators such as: IP Risk Value and Vulnerability Score.

Privilege Account Management

Management and control of privileged users centralized on AD or LDAP, local and service.

Lab/Professional Services

Hardware and software Research and Development, scouting of new solutions, and realization of the PoC.

Product Scouting, Evaluation & Support

Continuous search for Information Security products, with screening and selection of the best products.
Evaluation of products through PoC within Cyber ​​Lab and Risk & Benefit Evaluation.
Pre-sale support for customers (Customer PoC) and professional services for setup and management.

Software Security

Consulting services to reduce attack on web and mobile applications (OWASP ASVS and MASVS).

Consulting Services

Consulting services for IT risk management related to legal and business issues.

Compliance with management standards of ISMS (ISO27001, ISO22301) and international and sector regulations (GDPR, 231 cybercrimes, SWIFT, PCI DSS).

IT Risk Management, Compliance

Consulting services that revolve around risk management.
Services are based on mapping a company according to six different entities.
Organization, offices, and key processes are mapped on the business and applications side, IT, and data infrastructure, on the IT side.
The elements of the six entities are then applied to each other and a risk analysis is made on each element.

Crisis Management, Business Continuity Management

CM services are oriented towards the construction of a crisis management process (management, communication, operational response).
BCM services are oriented towards the construction and maintenance of business continuity plans (BCP).

Digital Forensics

Digital investigation services ranging from forensic acquisition of evidence to technical analysis, with the preparation of an expert report for legal use.

Phishing Simulation

Use of “Phish Threat Simulation” suites to measure the degree of maturity / awareness of the client’s staff on Phishing.
The service includes online training complete with a final test to measure the degree of learning achieved by an employee.

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