Business Process Transformation

Advisor activities aimed at Digital and Innovation Transformation. The digitization and automation of business processes combined with application optimization offer the ideal context in which to make production activities more efficient, guaranteeing a competitive advantage for the customer.

Innovation & Digital Strategy advisory

Analysis of the software adopted to rationalize use and carry out a mapping or specific insights of the application park together with the customer, indicating the capabilities and level of integration between the systems in order to optimize management costs and reduce maintenance needs.

Process digitalization & Automation

Analysis of production processes to robotize and automate repetitive steps, optimizing performance and minimizing opportunities for errors.

Technological scouting

Scouting based on the client’s differences and needs to identify applicable solutions or technology which can address production and / or organizational needs

Cloud Native Development

Development of native auto-scaling Cloud applications based on the latest container, serverless and independent OS technologies, which exploit the Cloud services made available by the main vendors in an Open Source development perspective using the most innovative DevOps techniques.

IBM Watson Build Challenge 2017 world champions with BioBotGuard, a project for agrifood that combines different technologies to increase profitability, control and production quality with the use of Watson Visual Recognition, for the visual recognition of captured images by drones with a high resolution camera.

Development of crowd-oriented applications

Custom development of open source applications based on flexible docker technology, which are self-scaling and OS independent, and ready to take advantage of the multi-cloud and the application of DevOps techniques.

Dashboard for IOT sensor management and monitoring

Creation of dashboards for real-time management and monitoring of IOT devices, also for those that are geographically distributed or heterogeneous.

Image and text recognition

Analysis and interpretation of photos and videos using simple and scalable AI solutions, to be used for the processing and recognition of images and the detection of objects according to industrial processes.

Natural Language Processing e chatbot

Processing and understanding of natural language to enable human-machine interaction. The use of NLP allows the recognition and extraction of strategic information from large quantities of structured and unstructured content. It is the fundamental basis for the implementation of chatbots and robotic interaction systems.

Cloud Transformation

Analysis and definition of strategies aimed at adopting the Cloud; from the study of migration plans to application modernization activities with a particular focus on the estimation of the final adoption costs.

Cloud journey advisory

Advisor activities in the Cloud environment aimed at guiding the customer in the path of its adoptiona

Cloud infrastructure design

Cloud infrastructure design based on the solutions of main vendors (AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle, and Google), optimizing management costs and activities, estimating implementation costs and using native services.

Cloud services integration

Use, management, and monitoring of cloud services, providing ad-hoc development to support a customer’s business needs.

ITSM as a Service

Customization and management of the ServiceNow platform.

Service Provider Partner since 2021 we offer a managed service of the ServiceNow platform in SaaS mode at a competitive price thanks to the use of the instance in Domain Separation, reducing the cost of entry for the adoption.

ITSM module management

Configuration and provision of the ITSM module based on ITIL v4 service management standards.

Application customization

Development of custom logics within the platform in order to meet customer needs and overcome the limits of the out-of-the-box product.

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