Through our services, our customers ask us to support the challenges they face every day, in particular:

In order to be able to support the challenges of our Blueit customers, he has chosen to adopt an AOPS model in which some service components are provided with the support of cognitive tools based on artificial intelligence models. For Blueit it has become a real cognitive challenge:

This approach has allowed us to evolve the offer of traditional services (ITIL services) with services whose transformation has made it possible to create further value to our customers (cognitive services), finally the adoption of the AOPS approach has allowed us to expand The offer with optional services (business services). This was how the new Aops service architecture was born available to our customers:

ITIL Services

Reactive and proactive management services of the customer’s IT infrastructures according to ITIL processes enriched by the Cognitive functionalities available on the market.

Service Management

Governance of the contract aimed at the quality of the service provided and the creation of value for the customer.

SAP Management

Installation and configuration of SAP BC and related Databases. Management of ITIL processes of Incidents , Problems and related Changes enriched by the cognitive functions available on the market.
Updating the SAP Kernel, installing Support Packages and Plugins. Execution of copies/export/import of principals Homogeneous System Copy, SAP Disaster Recovery Services.

Backup & Storage

All the environments connected to the Storage Area Networks through the identification and resolution of the related problems fall within the scope of the service. In the Backup area, the service includes the definition of backup conservation and archiving specifications based on the agreed ” retention policies” as well as data restore operations

DB Administration

Database management activities concern the installation of associated products and utilities, management of the space allocated for databases and related logs, recovery procedures, performance and tuning activities and the activities necessary for configuration management in high reliability.

System Management

The System Management activity includes the installation, configuration and management of virtual machines, the related virtualization layers and the middleware involved in the provision of the service, in compliance with ITIL processes. The service is completed by the automatic execution of standard procedures for restoring services.

Network Management

They include the management of Local Area Networks, Firewalls, Wireless Access Points, management of DNS/DHCP services as well as VPN management and coordination of Incident and Change management procedures for the network carriers used by customers.

Cognitive Services

Traditional services which, thanks to the adoption of AI technologies, have evolved into value-added services for the customer

Continuous Vulnerability Check & Compliance

In addition to having fully automated the patch management process, the use of Qualys allows you to have a constantly updated situation of the hardening status of client systems both in terms of compliance and vulnerability.

Autodiscovery & Service Mapping

Continuous updating of the database of system assets is no longer a problem thanks to the native connector between Qualys and Service Now which allows you to synchronize data relating to assets.

Proactive monitoring

Alongside the traditional Event management tool, automatisms have been introduced that allow the automatic opening of tickets, the automatic closure in the event of false positives and the correlation of multiple events. Furthermore, the Escalation Management process has been automated. CheckMK , Service Now and Twilio are part of this process

Application Resource Management

The traditional activity of Performance and Capacity it has been rewritten through the use of Turbonomic in a way where all the individual resources that make up the customer service are monitored and possible improvement actions are suggested for each one

Business Services

Optional services based on AI tools that address customer business issues

Multicloud Portal

The possibility of having infrastructures distributed across multiple cloud providers may require the management of all resources in a single portal regardless of the cloud provider on which the infrastructure is supported.

Application Performance Management

Combining the view of application performance monitoring with infrastructural ones is the solution for those customers who want to have a single source of analysis of the causes of disruption. The service is also offered in As -A-Service mode, reducing the analysis period between, for example, a migration to the cloud or an important application release.

Service Catalog and Autoprovisioning

With the aim of reducing the Mean Time To Provision (MTTP), a service activation / deactivation request portal can be made available which, supported by Infrastructure type scripts As Code (IAC), allows you to request and deploy pieces of infrastructure with a single request.

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