Infrastructure Management

Services in reactive and proactive management for a customer’s IT infrastructure, according to ITIL processes enriched by a market’s Cognitive features.

System Management

Installation and configuration of the Operating System and related Middleware for both stand alone and highly reliable environments. Continuous management, carried out in accordance with safety policies and in compliance with the ITIL processes, and execution of standard procedures for the recovery of services and the execution of the Performance & Tuning activities.

Storage e Backup Management

All environments connected to the Storage Area Networks through the identification and resolution of related issues are included in the service. In the Backup area, the service includes the definition of the retention and historicization specifications of the backups based on the agreed “retention policies” as well as the data Restore operations.

Data Base Management

The database management activities concern the installation of the products and associated utilities, the management of the space allocated for the databases and related logs, the recovery procedures, the performance, tuning activities and the activities necessary for the management of the configurations in high reliability.

Network Management

They include the management of Local Area Networks, Firewalls, Wireless Access Points, the management of DNS / DHCP services as well as the management of VPNs and coordination of the Incident and Change management procedures for the Network Carriers used by customers.

SAP / HANA BC Management

SAP BC installation and configuration activities and related databases. Management of
Incident, Problem and Change ITIL processes enriched by cognitive functions present on the market. SAP Kernel update, Support Packages and Plugin installation. Copying / exporting / importing principals
Homogeneous System Copy, SAP Disaster Recovery Services

Installation of SAP BC including related DBs

The service includes the design, installation and management of SAP infrastructures, their instances, databases and associated connections. As for ongoing management, the service is provided through the installation of monitoring agents, the analysis of the Early Watch and the adoption of customized procedures.

SAP Kernel update, Support Packages and Plugin installation

The SAP management service provides the continuous updating of the basic modules that make up SAP in addition to updating the ABAP and Java components.

Copying / exporting / importing principles

In order to guarantee the necessary alignments between the various environments, an automated configuration of SAP transport and the management of copies / exports / imports of the principals is carried out.

Homogeneous System Copy

The service includes preparation of the target System, offline or online restore of the Source System and management of the related Control files.

SAP Disaster Recovery Services

Design and construction of SAP platforms on the DR secondary site. This is associated with the design and management and monitoring of the replication methods offered by SAP and technology to guarantee the recovery time and recovery point expected by the customer.

Workplace & Mobile Management

Governance infrastructure control services to support management of workstations and mobile devices. Activities can be carried out with dislocation competent staff at the customer’s premises or through Remote systems Management.

Service Desk

End-to-end management of the life cycle of a report by end users that can take place via telephone, e-mail, web or chat. The cycle begins with the “entitlement” phase, passes through the routing of the call, the registration of the Ticket, the possible resolution of the call at the first level or the assignment to the specialist support group and the closure after the final resolution.

Workstation software management and distribution

Design and management of standard software configurations of the workstations, software distribution and creation and distribution of new application packages.

Headquarters management

Possibility of inserting specialized personnel at the customer’s offices in contact with end users and the related workstations managed in order to provide on-site service. This service includes all Installation Move Add and Change activities of devices, be they PC, Tablet or Mobile.

Asset management

Through the supply or use of a tool identified by the customer, it allows you to manage the inventory of devices and use it as a basis for coordinating and managing the customer’s IT devices. The ITIL procedures applied to the service allow the Asset database to be constantly updated.

Virtual desktop management

In the context of the use of new technologies, the management of virtualized desktops allows centralizing the infrastructures used by workstations such as, for example, Active Directory or File Repository replication services or management of local applications through the creation of real and own Server Farms for device virtualization and its centralized management.

Mobile Device Management

Similarly to what is done for PCs, mobile devices also need a service that includes the supply of new devices, the management of standard configurations, the coordination of on-site activities and the cleaning / management of devices remotely in case of theft or loss.

Operational Technology Management

As part of the convergence of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) infrastructure accelerated by the adoption of Industry 4.0, Operational Technology Management offers infrastructure monitoring and management services based on industrial process management equipment and assets. The management of industrial process equipment — along the lines of IT equipment management — allows the proactive identification of production delays and the reduction of resolution times and related disruptions.

Monitoring and Event Management

A 24/7 service which proactively monitors assets and equipment used for industrial process automation. Must have an IP address.


The troubleshooting service is triggered when alarms are detected to activate standard OT equipment reboot procedures to reduce production impact.

Security Management

Part of Cybersecurity, the service can be extended to OT equipment which may be subject to attack and detection.

OT Operations

This service includes the adoption of a series of management procedures that are typical of OT environments, including the Start/Stop of systems and Patching.

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