Products & Tools Innovation skills

Design of complex monitoring infrastructures that allow people to identify and intervene, through a monitoring and warning system, on any IT infrastructure problems.

Design and release of monitoring infrastructures

Configuration of complex monitoring infrastructure developed with the adoption of new technologies (Nagios, microservices, dockers).

Monitoring with custom probes as needed

Creation of “customized” monitoring according to a customer’s business needs, including sending ad hoc text messages.

Development of automation solutions (RPA)

Automation of both technical and process recursive strategies.

Product integration

Monitoring tool with ticketing tool

Reporting and dashboarding

Creation of reports and ad hoc dashboards from different sources.

Design and production of digital products (Domain App reset and unlock WebApp)

Creation of products designed according to needs.

IT Service Management Product Support

A dedicated team who, over the years, has gained experience in supporting, configuring, and improving the release of IT service management tools.

Tool configuration and management

Configuration and support of all-around ticketing tools.

Reporting and dashboarding

Creation of ad hoc reports according to customer needs.


Creation of ad hoc dashboards according to customer needs.

Development of extra integrated product features

Development of evolutionary systems, which are evaluated on the basis of a customer’s characteristic and needs.

Integration among trouble ticketing tools

Possibility of integrating different ticketing tools.

Scripting and automization

Creation of ad hoc scripts and development of automation systems.

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